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The Las Vegas Chamber Music Society, incorporated 2004

The mission of the Las Vegas Chamber Music Society is to stimulate and support the appreciation and performance of chamber music:
-By presenting chamber music concerts at which the public may hear works deemed worthy of performance and performed by artists selected by the Chamber Music Society,
-By presenting, sponsoring or providing for programs and activities designed to stimulate and encourage exposure to and understanding, knowledge and appreciation of the literature, history and performance of chamber music.

The Las Vegas Chamber Music Society is committed to these principles: to enable people from all walks of life to enjoy exceptional music-making at affordable ticket prices, to fulfill musical needs of the community, and to build a broad group of directors, members, audiences and patrons who are devoted to these goals and to insuring the Society's future.

The Corporation plans to present and sponsor chamber music concerts in Las Vegas and Southern Nevada communities. The LVCMS further intends to sponsor and provide programs and activities designed to promote and encourage understanding and appreciation for the history and performance of chamber music. All concerts and related programs and activities will be offered to the general public and will be conducted by artists and performers on a volunteer basis or for compensation sufficient to cover cost only.

Whenever possible,the LVCMS intends to make connections to music and art; music and musicians, music and literature; and any other theme that may help further the appreciation of chamber music to the general public.
It is intended that exposure through attendance at concerts and participation in related activities will serve to educate the general public on the cultural benefits of chamber music and promote and stimulate awareness, appreciation and support for such music.

A deep commitment to educational programs with the artists who perform for the LVCMS is intended, for both students and the general public. These activities will include but not be limited to visits by LVCMS sponsored artists to schools, libraries and museums; classes for individual and group musicians open to the public; and the activities made available on the this website.

The LVCMS includes chamber music performances at cultural events with other organizations and for events around Southern Nevada.  The LVCMS also informs the public of chamber music events and other cultural happenings, both of the corporation and of other organizations, through its website and in its programs.  Activities will be funded through donations and through admission to the concerts and related programs and activities.


The Las Vegas Chamber Music Society, incorporated in 2004,

is a 501(c)3 non profit organization